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Catherines: Affordable Fashion for Full-Figured Women

The department store Catherines was already concentrating its efforts on carving a distinct name for itself by catering to full-figured women well before everyone else decided to jump on the bandwagon. During the 1960s, a tenacious woman going by the name of Catherine Weaver set her sights on opening a small Memphis based boutique. Being a plus size woman herself, Weaver wanted to create a synthesis of beauty, style, and self-assurance to clients whose options when it came to fashion were significantly limited at the time. Catherine Weaver’s rolling of the dice ultimately yielded positive results. Nearly 400 Catherines stores… Read More

Atlas Air and Its High Flying Success

The founding of Atlas Air Worldwide took place in 1992 thanks to the efforts of businessman Michael A. Chowdry. In the early 90s, there was very little attention centered around freight hauling in the passenger airline industry, something which drove Chowdry into taking advantage of the opportunity to find success in the air cargo sector. As a result, Atlas Air was born. During its early days, the company began to develop by leasing aircrafts to airlines with contracts based on Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance (ACMI). These types of contracts are referred to as wet leasing. The Boeing 747-200 became… Read More