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Club Car Kicks Golf Carts into High Gear

Club Car came into the picture when it was founded in Houston, Texas in 1958. Bill Stevens, Jr. purchased the company shortly after its founding, eventually moving operation operations over to Augusta, Georgia in the 1960s. It is in Augusta where Club Car’s primary headquarters resides to this day.

In the 1970s, ownership of Club Car went from Bill Stevens to an executive group from EZGO with goals of operating its own business. It was under this ownership where Club Car flourished, transitioning and building a reputation as a highly regarded and trailblazing player in the golf cart industry. This success can be attributed at least in part to the guidance and driver of William Dolan, a co-founder at EZGO.

Yet again, Club Car switched owners after being purchased in the late 90s by an Irish industrial manufacturing company going by the name of Ingersoll Rand. It was during this time that Club Car got together with company Bobcat, significantly expanding its product line to other products besides golf carts. The collaboration would result in the debut of utility vehicles.

The Club Car we know today boasts a considerably large distribution network well beyond the United States which includes more than 600 distributors, dealers and factory branch locations.

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