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Catherines: Stylish Clothing for Plus Size Women

During the course of his illustrious career, Robert V. Glaser was an integral player in a team that made several high-end investments, one of these investments was the plus size clothing and fashion department store Catherines.

Catherines achieved its rightful place in the history books by concentrating its efforts on full-figured women at a time when plus size fashion wasn’t necessarily considered to be “en vogue”. It was the year 1960 when an entrepreneurial woman going by the name of Catherine Weaver took it upon herself to open a small boutique located in Memphis, Tennessee. Since Weaver herself fell under the category of a plus size woman, she made it a point to bring a synthesis of beauty, style, and confidence to clients that may have found themselves with limited fashion choices due to their weight.

Catherine Weaver’s mission to spearhead a new type of shop would ultimately become successful. Today, the number of Catherines stores founds throughout the country hovers at more than 300, all of which continue to sell contemporary clothing aimed at women who require sizes ranging from 16W to 34W and 0X to 5X. The chain also remains steadfast and true to its brand promise of “We Fit You Beautifully”. Customers can also purchase Catherines products through its similarly named online store.

This update is by the Robert V. Glaser Business website. Glaser is an industry veteran with decades of experience in banking, private equity, and more. His experience includes his many years working for global manager of alternative investment products Investcorp and he also dedicates his time to various charitable causes including YoungArts Foundation, Chapman Partnership, and more. You can learn more about Robert by visiting the Robert V. Glaser personal website or Robert V. Glaser Giving website.