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Glaser Business

The Colorful History of Club Car

In 1958, the founding of Club Car took place in Houston, Texas. Shortly thereafter, the company fell under the ownership of Bill Stevens, Jr. after he purchased it. Stevens oversaw the transitioning of company operations from Houston to Augusta, Georgia during the early 1960s. Since moving to Augusta, Club Car’s primary headquarters has remained there to this day. Club Car once again switched hands during the 1970s when it was purchased by an executive group from EZGO that was looking to operate its own business. During this tome Club Car eventually became a respected and powerful player in the golf… Read More

The Runaway Success of Uncle Julio’s

Robert V. Glaser’s illustrious career has included his time working with an experienced team that was tasked with making a number of profitable investments, the Mexican food restaurant chain Uncle Julio’s is one of them. It was in Dallas, Texas where Uncle Julio’s first opened its doors back in the late 1980s. Managing to avoid many of the struggled that new restaurants must contend with as they grow in popularity, Uncle Julio’s quickly became a highly frequented eatery shortly after opening. Riding the success of the much-beloved margarita/sangria drink called the “The Swirl”, the restaurant became a Dallas sensation of… Read More

Catherines: Stylish Clothing for Plus Size Women

During the course of his illustrious career, Robert V. Glaser was an integral player in a team that made several high-end investments, one of these investments was the plus size clothing and fashion department store Catherines. Catherines achieved its rightful place in the history books by concentrating its efforts on full-figured women at a time when plus size fashion wasn’t necessarily considered to be “en vogue”. It was the year 1960 when an entrepreneurial woman going by the name of Catherine Weaver took it upon herself to open a small boutique located in Memphis, Tennessee. Since Weaver herself fell under… Read More