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Glaser Business

The Global Gucci Empire

The famous Gucci name comes from its founder Guccio Gucci, fashion designer and businessman who founded the company in 1921. Gucci was inspired by the luggage guests brought in during his time working at a hotel. His first foray into retail and fashion consisted of a shop which concentrated on selling fine leather goods tinged with an undeniably classic style. Gucci would eventually employ his sons to assist with increasing the company’s reach, broadening its reach into Rome, Milan, and Florence. Thanks to its tremendous, Gucci’s sons took the reins and continued to expand into the 1950s, eventually New York… Read More

Sur La Table’s Ongoing Success

During his career, Robert V. Glaser worked extensively with the company of Investcorp. Investcorp’s portfolio has at one time or another included well over 100 investments totaling nearly $40 billion in transaction value. One of these investments is kitchenware product company Sur La Table. Sur La Table was founded by a woman named Shirley Collins in 1972, who opened the first retail location in the downtown area before moving to the waterfront Pike Place Market in 1980. In the late 80s, the company launched its first mail-order catalog. In 1995, Collins sold Sur La Table. That same year, the company… Read More

The High Flying History of Atlas Air Inc.

During his career, Robert V. Glaser had a role as part of a team responsible for making a number of lucrative investments. He has also served on several boards of companies with no relation to MapleWood or Investcorp. One of these companies is the large freight aircraft and crew renter Atlas Air, Inc. Atlas Air Worldwide was founded by businessman Michael A. Chowdry back in 1992. Back then, not much attention was paid to freight hauling in the passenger airline industry, which spurred Chowdry into seizing the opportunity to achieve success in the air cargo sector. Hence, Atlas Air was… Read More